Thursday, August 13, 2009


Poor little EEyore is my favorite Pooh character and he is so overlooked and neglected. Take for example, the photos we took at Downtown Disney... where is Eeyore?? Forgotten.... overlooked.... neglected..... Now, I have a confession to make... the paper I used on this layout was originally Tigger paper, but since Tigger was represented, I decided to switch it up and let Eeyore have a chance. I covered Tigger up with an Eeyore sticker and made a few other minor adjustments. It looks so much better now and I like having Eeyore recognized for the cute, thoughtful little donkey that he is!!


  1. I recognize this Tigger paper! LOL!! Good job giving Eeyore some equal time! Tigger is my favorite. But I love Eeyore too!