Thursday, June 25, 2009

Another Tri Shutter card

Yes.... another tri-shutter card!! I had to make this one to use up all the scraps that I made from the first card!

I think this is my favorite of the 3. Its more simple, not as much going on, but that's more my style anyway.

I inked all the raw edges with Cat's Eye dark brown chalk. I like the extra dimension that adds!

Ballerina tri shutter card

I'm still playing with the tri shutter pattern. This has one of my favorite images (excluding HM and HHs, of course). This ballerina cracks me up every time I look at her.

Laura-- the real ballerina-- says she hates this image. I don't know if it reminds her of me or if she is afraid she will look like this one day. Whatever the case is, she always rolls her eyes when I make a card using her. Funny, though. She needed a birthday card last month for one of her friends. She looked through my stack of cards and of all the cards to pick from, she took one that this image was on. She said her friend would love it-- and she did!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friends: Tri Shutter Card

I've seen several beautiful cards made with the Tri Shutter card pattern... has this been around awhile and I'm just noticing?? Probably! Anyway, I couldn't resist trying one. This is my first .... I like to think of it as a prototype and will hopefully get better with some practice, but still, I think it turned out to be a pretty card.

The first picture is the front of the card with it folded flat... this is how it would appear as you take it out of the envelope.

The second picture gives you an overview, making it easier to see the folds on the entire card.

The last picture is the entire card, unfolded.

This card took a little extra time, but it sure made a beautiful card, too. I can't wait to play with it some and see what else I can come up with!

Ease on Down the Road

I finished this layout a couple of weeks ago, but never got the chance to take pictures with everything so hectic and crazy last week. This is another dance layout from the competition team last year. This was a cute number choreographed to "Ease on Down the Road". I had to add a couple of bumble bee embellies since I kept telling Laura this was a bumble bee costume!!

OMG, You guys!!

I'm still working on trying to scrap the dance pictures from last year. This was from their legally blonde number-- the big finale for the competition team. The music was from the Broadway musical, "Legally Blonde", of course!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Gift

Thought I would share the card and gift that we gave my Dad yesterday for Father's Day. I made the card a few months ago--- nothing like being prepared!! It's actually one of the first photo cards that I had made-- now I am hooked on them and love how personalized/ beautiful I can make one of them. I wanted to try to make a photo card because I thought my dad would like them better than one of my stamped cards--- most of my cards are very girly and not very masculine!!

The card must have been a hit with my dad and stepmother too--- she's already made a photo card this morning using this one as a pattern!!!

The gift is also pictured. It is a framed scrapbook page. The patterned paper is the words and music to Amazing Grace. Then, I added more of my scenic pictures taken on our last trip to the Great Smoky Mtns national park in Tennessee.

A Star is Born.... or at least found!

What a busy and hectic week we had last week.... I am planning to be as lazy as possible to make up for all the running and craziness.

Laura auditioned for a play last Monday. Its pretty cool how it works... The Missoula Children's Theater rolls into town on Monday... they audition kids and by that afternoon, they are busy learning lines and rehearsing!!

Laura was estatic to get a part. Originally, she was Urchin #6 in a Pinochio play. Later, after rehearsals got more involved, she was given a larger role with more lines. She is so use to working backstage and helping with the dance recitals, she was always helping someone change costumes or had props ready for the next scene. That helped a lot since so many of the kids were younger or had never been on a stage before.

The final show was presented Saturday night. Laura was happy because she got the biggest laugh of the night.
After the show, the director asked her and the girl that played Pinochio to please wait until everyone else was gone. She told them that she was nominating both of them for a 2 week drama camp next summer. She thought they had both done a wonderful job and was very proud of them!! Needless to say, my kid is now over the moon!!
Never one to stay still very long, she got on a bus this morning for 4H camp. She is volunteering as a Junior Counselor this week. I'm planning on enjoying some quiet time and will hopefully get some craft time!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Little Beach Girl

I had scraps left over from some of the pages I scrapped last week. I tried to use some of them to make these 2 cards. I have used this image so much this summer, but I just love her!! She screams summer to me--- plus, just looking at her makes me what to throw the beach umbrella and chair in the back and head for the sun, sand and waves.... sigh......

On the first card, she was colored with OMS and prisma pencils.

The second image is using prisma pencils, but no OMS!

Ice Cream Bunnies

I haven't posted in several days.. actually a combination of several things. First of all, school's out!! The kid and I have to compete for computer time now, so that sometimes limits when I can get on and how much I am able to do before she is wanting her turn. Secondly, Laura got a part in a play.... she has rehearsal all week, so we are spending a lot of time on the road!! I also went to my niece's yesterday to spend the day with her daughter, so we have been keeping very busy!!
This little hopper card is one I finished last week, actually, but hadn't had the chance to post. Laura got the Happy Hopper stamp the last time we visited Hobby Lobby and has been kind enough to let me make some images off of it!! These bunnies are so cute!! They were colored with prisma pencils and OMS. The cardstock and patterned paper are from DCWV. The charm is from Susanna's store. She has all kinds of goodies!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friends are Flowers

Two more layouts of Laura and her friend Kimmy. The photos are a collage of pics that I've taken of them over the last couple of months. The paper/ kit is one I've had stacked up in a corner since 2005!! When I say I need to work on my stash, I mean it!!

I like how the layout turned out. I think it captured their crazy, zany friendship really well!

Carnival Layouts

Another gray day... which means I've been scrapping again. These pictures were taken when the carnival was here for Memorial Day. The paper/ layouts are another one from A Page in Time Scrapbook. I had to change this one up some, too-- I didn't like the embellies, so I punched the tickets out and stamped them to add to both pages.

Crab Shack Layout

It was a stormy gray day yesterday.... perfect time to get some scrapbooking done!! I've had these pictures laying on the desk for a couple of months. I kept changing my mind about the paper or layouts. Finally, yesterday I received a kit from A Page In Time Scrapbook I decided to use one of the paper packs in the kit to do these 2 pages. I made a few changes-- mainly added more photos, but was basically happy with the results.

The Crab Shack is one of our all time favorite restaurants. Its on Tybee Island in Georgia-- about 15-20 miles from Savannah. Its one of our first stops when we hit town and usually, we go back for another visit before we leave!! Its not far from the beach, so it makes a nice place to stop after a day at the beach!! The seafood is unbelievable!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Whiff of Joy

I received this image in an image swap. Love her!! Finally got her colored and on a card. I used a combination of prisma pencils, OMS, and copic markers.

Monday, June 8, 2009

More Christmas

I'm not really obsessed with Christmas.... it just appears that way. This is actually another card that I finished last week. The image is from my friend Terry and is one of those that had been floating around the image basket. I colored it well over a year ago and was not at all happy with it. Last week, I got it out of the basket, worked on it a bit with some OMS, added some stickles to the bows and found it a home on a Chrismas card.

Blog Candy

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