Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Gift

Thought I would share the card and gift that we gave my Dad yesterday for Father's Day. I made the card a few months ago--- nothing like being prepared!! It's actually one of the first photo cards that I had made-- now I am hooked on them and love how personalized/ beautiful I can make one of them. I wanted to try to make a photo card because I thought my dad would like them better than one of my stamped cards--- most of my cards are very girly and not very masculine!!

The card must have been a hit with my dad and stepmother too--- she's already made a photo card this morning using this one as a pattern!!!

The gift is also pictured. It is a framed scrapbook page. The patterned paper is the words and music to Amazing Grace. Then, I added more of my scenic pictures taken on our last trip to the Great Smoky Mtns national park in Tennessee.


  1. I really like those Sandy. Beautiful photos. I could just envision listening to the sounds of the running water. Very nice.

  2. Beautiful! Dad's very lucky to have received such a gorgeous gift and card. Very nice work, Sandy.