Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding Homes....

I am the world's worst for coloring images and then putting them to the side and not doing anything with them. They get pushed from one place to the other or stuck in the back of the image basket, forgotten. This week, I set a goal to try to find homes for all of my poor homeless images. I wanted to finish up ones that were incomplete and use them somewhere. This first one is a prime example.... I colored half this image last year before Christmas, but never completed it. This morning, I finished it with my prisma pencils and OMS---- and finally found a home for it!!!

These poor little mousies have sat on the desk for a year or more.... they finally got my attention and I managed to find homes for them and another exactly like this one. I think they look much happier in their new home, but I will miss not seeing them everyday!!
This one has not been hanging around quite as long, but I still wanted to find a nice home for him. I colored him a few nights ago with OMS/ prisma pencils. I keep expecting him to start munching on the flowers.

Thanks for looking!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Got Moose?

Laura and I both have a "thing" for moose.... I think it has something to do with our trip to Alaska a few years ago. I love the little "Riley Moose" stamps, but my favorites are these big guys!! Made this card earlier today... the inside reads "GOT MOOSE?"
Did this Happy Hopper bunny last night while practicing with OMS... I've never used it before and have been trying to learn. Can't say I was really happy with the way the bunny turned out, but at least I learned quite abit working with the prisma pencils and OMS.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lazy Days...

Inked up one of my new HM stamps... I love this little guy--- big surprise!! Me loving a mousie!!
Here's another version of the same stamp.
And finally, this little bunny.... this poor guy almost bit the dust!! I colored the image and then started cropping it. I felt like I had cropped it too much and was going to toss him. As a last thought, I decided to put him to the side, thinking I could make a spotlight card with him if nothing else. Last night, I found this paper and thought it was a perfect match for him, so cropped, tossed and reborn!! Maybe bunnies are like cats and have more than 1 life!

Bee Hive Busy

When I saw the stamp for this image on ebay last year, I knew I had to have it!! I thought it was so cute and had never seen one like it before.... its a little different. The view inside the front door of the hive changes!! The first picture shows a honey pot sitting just inside the door!!

Here's a close-up of the front door with the honey pot.
Then..... you can view the "Hive Sweet Hive" sampler on the wall......

... and of course, the Queen Bee herself!!

Summer Time

This little guy just screams "Summer!"... wish I was there with him!

Bright and Cheery

Yesterday was such a dark and dreary day around here, I had to try to bring some sunshine to my life.... this little Tilda managed to do that with her bright colors and the help of some Basic Grey paper!

Make a Wish

This is a card I completed yesterday... I've had this stamp for years, but yesterday was the first time it's seen ink... poor baby was hiding out in the back of a drawer. As some of you know, I am slowly trying to work on the mess/ reorganize my craft room..... I'm finding all kinds of "new" goodies!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Surprise Challenge Card

This was the card I did on one of my yahoo groups for a surprise challenge... the paper was picked by one person (thank you, Michelle) and the stamp by another (great job, Tyler-- thanks for the helping hand!!)

I felt like this really was a challenge for me. When I first saw the image, I knew exactly what I would do-- and it involved a lot of pinks and glitter and foo foos.... then I saw the paper....hmmm.... none of my image ideas would match that paper!! I had to sit down and sort of reconsider everything. This card is different from my "norm", but I was happy with it.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Still playing catch up!

Thought I would share some more of the cards that I've recently made. The first 2 are images that I received in an image swap. Love those Sarah Kay cuties!

This one cracks me up every time I see her!!

This is my first Christmas card 2009!!

Thanks for looking!

New Start!

I haven't done much with the blog since starting it!! My bad! I am going to try to do better. With that in mind, I have some cards to share. These first few are some Hedgie images shared with me by my California friend, Terry!! Love those Hedgies!! Thanks, Terry, and keep them coming!! LOL!!

This is a House Mouse, of course. I used glitter on the dandilion seeds this time, but want to experiment some with this image and see what other looks I can come up with!

I think I am most proud of this image!! The shading just seems to work really well.

We made a happy discovery last night... Laura found out she's an aunt... again. She talked to her sister, Sabrina, and found out we have a new baby in the family-- Emily Cheyenne. This card is going to them in Texas! Image is another one from Terry.

Thanks for looking!