Friday, May 29, 2009

Finding Homes....

I am the world's worst for coloring images and then putting them to the side and not doing anything with them. They get pushed from one place to the other or stuck in the back of the image basket, forgotten. This week, I set a goal to try to find homes for all of my poor homeless images. I wanted to finish up ones that were incomplete and use them somewhere. This first one is a prime example.... I colored half this image last year before Christmas, but never completed it. This morning, I finished it with my prisma pencils and OMS---- and finally found a home for it!!!

These poor little mousies have sat on the desk for a year or more.... they finally got my attention and I managed to find homes for them and another exactly like this one. I think they look much happier in their new home, but I will miss not seeing them everyday!!
This one has not been hanging around quite as long, but I still wanted to find a nice home for him. I colored him a few nights ago with OMS/ prisma pencils. I keep expecting him to start munching on the flowers.

Thanks for looking!!


  1. Oh Yeah! Christmas in May!! Way to get a jump on things Sandy!! LOL!! They all look very nice on their new card homes 8) I know I too have some Christmas images that didn't make it to cards last year. Might have to go looking for them .

  2. Very nice! I really love the first one, that image is so cute!

  3. So cute!! Glad they found homes. I have several images that need to find homes on cards too....soon, hopefully!

  4. Great idea to make yourself use up your images. I think most of us have them floating around our craft areas. Your cards came out fantastic!

  5. As always Sandy your work is so cute. As you know I love HM. That moose one though is really awesome.