Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Tildas

This is the last of my Tildas for tonight. I still have some more images that are colored, but they are drying and not ready to work with yet. I'm hoping I might get them completed tomorrow morning.

Thanks, Danni, for the suggestion!! I've accomplished quite a bit this weekend--- more than I ever imagined, but its been another cold, snowy weekend for us, so that provided lots of play time.

This first Tilda is one of my favorite images... she just turns into such a cute card. The raindrops are 3-dimensional. I love using the bright colors of the Basic Grey Lemonade collection with her-- it matches her so well!!

There are also these 2 simple girls... one with blueberries and another with an apple pie!!

Birthday Tildas

I also added a couple of birthday cards into the mix. Tilda was exactly what I needed for a couple of birthdays that are coming up in a couple of weeks.

Christmas Tildas

Two more cards to add to the weekend theme of Magnolias. Both of these are Christmas cards.

Paper Pieced Tildas

Here are 2 more of the paper pieced Tildas... which just happen to fall into Danni's weekend theme of Magnolia stamps!!

House Mouse Birthday

Into the mix of Tildas that I've been working on this week end, an occasional house mouse wanders across the craft table while I'm working. This little guy needed a home. I love this image. I got it in an image swap, but enjoyed working on the image so much, I've ordered the stamp.... plus, Laura fell in love with him and was not happy when I didn't have any images to share with her.
The soap bubbles and water are stickled, so they really sparkle. Love that Stickles!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tilda Weekend

My friend, Danni, has been working on "themed weekends". I couldn't play last week, but this weekend is Magnolias. I just happened to have some Tildas that needed attention!!

I love this cute image that I got just before Christmas, but the card layout did give me some headaches.

This is a lonely, neglected Tilda stamp that I've had for ages but had not inked before. I like the way she looks, so she is sure to be used more from now on and not collect dust as before.

This is one of the images that I've been working on with paper piecing. Again, her dress and socks are paper pieced.

Another cute Tilda... this one has 3-dimensional raindrops.

Same image as before, but this one is colored a little differently and different papers/ embellies.

Another new stamp that had not been used before.

House Mouse Birthday

This is such a cute House Mouse image sent to me by my friend, Terry. The image is so large, there's not much room left to work with the card, so I just matted it simply and put the sentiment on it.

Hearts are stickled, too.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Paper Piecing

I've been saying for ages that I was going to try paper piecing, but never seem to think of it when I'm actually at the craft table. That changed this week and I did finally try it. My friend, Michelle, in STL warned me that it was addictive and she most certainly was right. As soon as I cut out the pieces for the first image/ card, I went right back to stamp some more for 3 more cards!

There are 3 actual pieces of paper pieced for this image... one is the striped paper for the dress and then 2 pieces for the sleeve and socks.

I'm not a big fan of cutting stuff out with scissors, but I do like how the finished image looks!! Guess I will be doing more of it in the future!!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I colored some Tildas the other night. The first 2 are new stamps that I got right before Christmas and hadn't had a chance to play with until now.

I had a difficult time with this stubborn little Tilda. I colored her and cut her out. She is sitting on a 3-D swing. The board is a small piece of cardstock with chalked edges. The ropes are twine. All of that was the easy part. Trying to decide what to do with her was the hard part. I kept putting her on different backgrounds but I wasn't satisfied with any of them until I used this BG Indian Summer dp paper. I finally decided to leave her alone!
I have to give credit to the layout of these cards and the use of the dp to Danni. She made such a cute card using a sketch from CCEE Stampers.... and CASEd her card!! Be sure to check her original card out on her blog.

House Mouse Birthday

Love these little mice. I don't think its possible to make a bad card as long as you're using a House Mouse!! This image was a RAK from my friend, Terry, who is also a HM addict-- lucky for me.

The water is highlighted with Stickles and really sparkles and shines in person.

Snow Angel

I got this adorable image in an image round robin that I participated in last year. I've loved the image for a long time and was so excited to find some in the round robin box when it arrived. It has, however, taken me quite sometime to color the images and make cards with them.

It doesn't show up on the photo, but the snow is highlighted with Stickles, making it really sparkle.

Christmas 2010

I've finished my first Christmas cards for 2010!! I know, I know, but you can never get too early of a start! This cute image was sent to me by one of my internet friends, Teresa H. in SC. I think it is an adorable nativity image and couldn't resist coloring it, even if it is a little early for Christmas cards. Thanks for the cute images, Teresa.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bath Time

I love how this image turned out. I think it made a really pretty card-- just not sure I can part with it!! LOL!!

... eat dessert first!

The sentiment stamp that goes with this image is one of my favorite life philosophies--- life's uncertain.. eat dessert first!!

I got this stamp a little before Christmas but hadn't used him before. I think he makes a very cute image and card.

Happy Hoppers

Love those Happy Hoppers!! Here are 2 of the images I colored over the week end.

Donkey and Precious Moments

These are more of the images I had colored in November and still hadn't found homes for them. I worked the other night to try to get all the colored images on cards.... and I'm still working on it.

Sympathy Cards

I hate making sympathy cards. If I was smart, I'd make them ahead of time, before I need them, but I've never claimed to be that smart. Needed a few sympathy cards yesterday, so these are some of the ones I made.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sleepy Bear

This is another of the sleepy bear images from Terry. As you can tell, Terry keeps me well supplied with any images that I need.

House Mouse

I love this little guy. This image is another from my friend, Terry. Of course, after she sent the images, Laura and I decided that he was so cute that he needed to come live with us.

Brother's Birthday Card

Made this birthday card for my brother. I don't know how he feels about moose, but I love them, so it gave me a chance to make a moose card!!

Snowy Images

More of those colored images that have been hiding out on my desk. I've been searching through everything, trying to gather them all up and find homes for them.

Both Changito images are from my friend, Terry.

This and That.....

Trying to find homes for all those colored images that I've had stuck here and there.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Snow Dogs

And of course, I can't leave the dogs out..... they normally don't pay much attention to the snow, but the temps have been so low lately, even the dogs have stayed inside more. This was a picture of them sitting on the front porch steps during the first snow storm.

New Moon Fever

Twilight fever hit early at our house. Laura read the books before the first movie came out.

She was already a Taylor Lautner fan before Twilight, too, so it just made it better than he was in the movies.... and Taylor in New Moon--- wow!! Needless to say, New Moon fever has been big around here.
When Burger King came out with some New Moon promo items, we had to check them out. Laura got a cup with the cast on it..... and a crown. .... and yes, she did sit in Burger King eating with her crown on. She was wearing her Jacob jacket and Paramore t-shirt, so it all sort of worked for her.


Of course, I had to take pictures of Laura's first drive in the snow. She's determined that she is going to learn to drive in bad weather, and has had lots of opportunity to practice this winter.

Guest Scrapper

With all of the recent snow, I've had plenty of extra scrap time on my hands.... and so has Laura. All of these pages are hers. She's been working on her dance pages.

One clever thing that she did that I really like can be easily seen on the first page. Instead of putting brads on the corner of the title and journaling, she put little dots of black stickles... looks just like a brad, but was much easier for her and she could control the size "brad" that she wanted!!