Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Tildas

This is the last of my Tildas for tonight. I still have some more images that are colored, but they are drying and not ready to work with yet. I'm hoping I might get them completed tomorrow morning.

Thanks, Danni, for the suggestion!! I've accomplished quite a bit this weekend--- more than I ever imagined, but its been another cold, snowy weekend for us, so that provided lots of play time.

This first Tilda is one of my favorite images... she just turns into such a cute card. The raindrops are 3-dimensional. I love using the bright colors of the Basic Grey Lemonade collection with her-- it matches her so well!!

There are also these 2 simple girls... one with blueberries and another with an apple pie!!


  1. My goodness, but you've been busy. I love all the cards and I can't wait to see the next ones too. I guess snow helps!

  2. is girl #2 with he blueberries Laura's favorite?