Monday, February 1, 2010

Berry Happy Birthday

I went to the scrap table this morning, planning on finishing up some more Magnolia images that I had leftover from yesterday. The little mousies had different ideas. They jumped on the table and demanded some attention. My internet friend, Kristie, gave me the idea of putting the ribbon through the buttons. Thanks, Kristie!! Kristie also gave me the strawberry stamp-- so thanks, again!!


  1. So pretty! So bright and cheery! I like the colors. I really like your versatile layout! That mouse on the bottom with the big tummy makes me giggle.

  2. All your cards are great. But you know I will always pull for the mousies!

  3. Very cute cards!! I love seeing bright cards on a dreary day (and since you haven't been crafty, I had to find a post I didn't comment on LOL!)