Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Moon Fever

Twilight fever hit early at our house. Laura read the books before the first movie came out.

She was already a Taylor Lautner fan before Twilight, too, so it just made it better than he was in the movies.... and Taylor in New Moon--- wow!! Needless to say, New Moon fever has been big around here.
When Burger King came out with some New Moon promo items, we had to check them out. Laura got a cup with the cast on it..... and a crown. .... and yes, she did sit in Burger King eating with her crown on. She was wearing her Jacob jacket and Paramore t-shirt, so it all sort of worked for her.


  1. So where are the pictures inside BK? Fun LO 8)

  2. What a fun memory for Laura. I can just picture you guys going through the book many years from now and laughing about that fun afternoon.