Monday, June 22, 2009

A Star is Born.... or at least found!

What a busy and hectic week we had last week.... I am planning to be as lazy as possible to make up for all the running and craziness.

Laura auditioned for a play last Monday. Its pretty cool how it works... The Missoula Children's Theater rolls into town on Monday... they audition kids and by that afternoon, they are busy learning lines and rehearsing!!

Laura was estatic to get a part. Originally, she was Urchin #6 in a Pinochio play. Later, after rehearsals got more involved, she was given a larger role with more lines. She is so use to working backstage and helping with the dance recitals, she was always helping someone change costumes or had props ready for the next scene. That helped a lot since so many of the kids were younger or had never been on a stage before.

The final show was presented Saturday night. Laura was happy because she got the biggest laugh of the night.
After the show, the director asked her and the girl that played Pinochio to please wait until everyone else was gone. She told them that she was nominating both of them for a 2 week drama camp next summer. She thought they had both done a wonderful job and was very proud of them!! Needless to say, my kid is now over the moon!!
Never one to stay still very long, she got on a bus this morning for 4H camp. She is volunteering as a Junior Counselor this week. I'm planning on enjoying some quiet time and will hopefully get some craft time!!