Saturday, October 17, 2009

Indian Corn HM

I love this image!! Believe it or not, I do not have this stamp-- yes, there are a few HM stamps that I do not actually own, if you can believe that!! My internet friend Terry sent me this image last year and I never got around to coloring it. I was rummaging around in my image basket last night and found it. After finishing this one last night, I'm going to go back and look in the basket again to see if I can find another one.

I also have to give some credit to Laura... she is the one that suggested making it Indian corn when we got the images in the mail. Terry always sends enough for both Laura and me, so we don't have to fight over them--- and we both appreciate that!!

Thanks again for the images, Terry!

*** Addendum**** Terry says my CRS is at work again and that this image did not come from her..... I'm asking around, but so far, I haven't found anyone that will take the blame... uh.... credit for it. If you gave me the image, please let me know so I can give you full credit. I usually am better at keeping up with my RAK images so I can give credit when I use one, but obviously, I have failed in that in this instance!! Thank you to whoever sent me this image.... oh... and can I have some more, please???!!


  1. So, so, so cute!! I love it! But guess what. I didn't send this one! I don't have this one. Where oh where did this darling image come from!?!?!?

  2. I love this image. You made an adorable card with it. Laura's idea to make the corn Indian corn was perfect.