Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas Cards

Seals are an endangered species... at our house. I had a seal image colored and on this card-- only needed to add the finishing touches when the new addition to our family-- a black, curious, pesky kitten decided to check it out. I couldn't save the image after her little paws examined it more closely, but was able to color another image and salvage the rest of the card.

It doesn't show up in the picture, but the baby seal is painted with Shimmerz, so she has lots of shine!!

I found a bunch of small house mouse and Fluffle images in my image basket last night. I had colored them last Christmas, and then didn't use them. I put them on cards this morning. I felt like I had won a lottery by finding images already finished and ready for a card!!


  1. Shame on the kitty! The seal is so cute but you know the mousies are my favs. All of the cards are great. Isn't that shimmerz great?

  2. Beautiful cards, Sandy. I'm like you, it thrills me when I happen upon already colored images that I can use on cards. One of life's simple joys.

  3. What a mischievous little kitty!! Glad you could save the card! Only commenting once tonight but wanted to say all your cards are awesome and are you ever on a roll! So fun!

  4. Bad Kitty!! Poor little seal. Glad you could save some of the card. It's very cute. As are the 2 little House Mouse. I'm sure they are pleased to be recovered from the baskets and used this year. As is the head of cat mischief Fluffles. All the cards are wonderful.