Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laura's Halloween Tilda

Last week, I thought I had finished all my Halloween cards... so I cleaned off my desk and put away all the Halloween stamps. Sunday night, Laura mentions she wishes she had time to make Halloween cards for her friends.... hint..... hint.... hint. ... Her schedule is so busy now, we both knew that was impossible.... so I offered to help.

I started coloring images and have 13 colored. I'm going to color them all and then put them all on cards at the same time. And I should make 1 correction-- I HAD 13 images.... now I have 12 because I took one of the Tilda's that I colored yesterday and made a Halloween card for Laura.
When I did my Halloween cards, I did this cute little witch in dark purple or blue. Laura didn't like the blue, so for her cards, I was coloring all of them purple. I got tired of looking at the purple, so I decided to try orange-- and I love it. Laura liked these best of all, so I decided that's what I'd make her Halloween card with.
I also couldn't find a big embellie that I liked for the card, so I made a big piece of candy corn!!


  1. She is adorable and looks wonderful in Orange!

  2. She is so cute! I love her in orange. Lucky Laura! I bet they are cute in purple and blue too. I hope Laura does her own Christmas cards!

  3. Love your homemade candy corn embellishment! Way cute!! Like the colors of the card real well. All around another great job.

  4. Wonderful. She's great in orange. I love the colors and the layout. I don't like candy corn to eat, but your embellie is fantastic! Best use of candy corn imo. lol