Friday, October 23, 2009

Halloween Cards: Part 2 ..... and still counting!!

If this post seems like dejevu for you, don't feel bad--- it does me too!! I've made so many Halloween cards, I see them when I close my eyes!!

These are more of the cards that I am helping make for Laura for her friends. She hadn't seen any of the cards until last night and was very excited and pleased with how they are turning out, although they are all very simple with not a lot of layers or extras. As a matter of fact, she told me I could make more than the original 20 we had agreed on!! Goody, goody!! LOL!!

These are the ones I worked on yesterday afternoon and this morning.... and there will be more to come!! LOL!! I have 3 on my desk now, waiting to be finished!!


  1. Miss Laura has a lot of friends!! LOL!! More great work by mom!

  2. Busy!! and all of them are great!

  3. Wow, love them all!! I need to get on Laura's friend list LOL!!

  4. Oh, so cute and oh darn Laura liked them!! No fair!! I can't pick a fave either.

  5. You have been b-u-s-y! Want to whip up my treats for my class, too? ;-) I absolutely love the little bat dude. He's adorable!