Wednesday, September 30, 2009

House Mouse Halloween

Isn't it amazing how some days, you can't make a card to save your life and then other days, the ideas are coming faster than you can get them on paper..... ??

I went back to the craft table after dinner tonight and came up with a few more cards. The first one is one of my favorite HM Halloween images... added a few extra touches for this card.


  1. Darling in spooky sort of way!! You sent me some of that image. I need to pull tehm out and use them! I also have that stamp set. Need to pull it out too. That's for the inspiration!! 8)

  2. Spook-tacular! The mouse is cute and I *love* the candy corn brads. Much better than the real candy corn. ;-) I won't mention I'm jealous of the Halloween set I still haven't gotten my hands on...

  3. OMG ... your card is just too cute! I love the candy corn embellishments! Boo-tiful job on your coloring too! Keep on stampin' on!