Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ye Ole Fishin Hole

This is another birthday card. This one is for my brother, Ronnie, who is the big fisherman of the family.

I am addicted to this outhouse stamps!! I think they are adorable--- and, yes, bring back a few childhood memories-- not all of which are pleasant!! I found my first outhouse stamp on ebay and its a Christmas one. I'll be sharing some of those cards closer to Christmas. This one and a couple others, I purchased at my friend Netta's internet store. She has some beautiful stamps and the store is growing all the time, so check it out.

Inside the card, the bottom says.... You should have seen the one that got away!

To match the card, I drew an old plank sign on Ronnie's envelope.


  1. I love this card! I love the sentiment too. I've gotta go check out Netta's store now. Outhouses are great!

  2. LOL!! This is so my oldest brother who lives and breaths fishing. Another great job.

  3. haha That's twisted! My fishing/camping/live off the land bil would love it.