Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shamu View

This was one of those layouts that had me pulling my hair out. Nothing would go as I planned and I kept having to make changes.... finally had so much time/ supplies tied up in it that I couldn't scrap it and start over-- so I kept trying to work it into something else. I finally figured out that I should have made it into 2 pages-- I think I would have been more satisfied, but I guess that is neither here nor there now, because here it is-- for better or worse!! LOL!!

This page is about the underwater viewing area for Shamu. It is one page with hidden journaling/ photos.

The paper came in a kit that I bought at my LSS. I didn't like the paper as it was, so I did some tweaking--- I cut one page in half and attached its bottom to the top of the other page. That way, instead of tossing both sheets, I ended up using them both and was much happier with them.

This is the hidden journaling opened.....

..... and a closer look at the journaling.


  1. These are great...I'm working on the Shamu show next too!! Fun!

  2. I love the layout and the way you hid the journaling. I like it even if you don't!!

  3. Great job tweaking the paper and awesome pictures!

  4. I've nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award, Sandy.

  5. I like the page, even if you don't. I like how the 'schwoops' at the top and bottom bring to mind Shamu. Nicely done, Sandy!